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Sideliner Rack

Warmup and workout anywhere with the Sideliner Rack and your custom Steelhose Kit and Accessories package. Mobile rack storage and anchor point all in one that travels with the team. Pair with Station Ready and Strong 101 Programs.

Bent pipe construction services as structure, push handles, and anchor point, with oval bins top and bottom for additional hoses and equipment. Features our custom-designed hook system for easy on-off hanging storage. 

30" length point to point 
18" wide at widest point in bay 
60" inches tall from floor 
40" lower pipe to upper pipe

  • Steelhoses assembled with love in NY
  • Free shipping on bulk orders

  • Portion of proceeds benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers Foundation

  • Guaranteed safe checkout


Custom FitFighter Rack
15 LB Steelhose NEW
5 LB Steelhose NEW
45 Lb Steelhose NEW


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