It's our mission to provide a strength training system for all populations that is accessible, unintimidating and user friendly. Whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in between, the Steelhose will take your fitness experiences to a new level.

Versatile enough for any movement you can imagine

Safe to lift, swing, slam, drag, drop and toss

Created for every level of strength and fitness

The perfect partner for any workout anywhere, anytime

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  • Access to over 100 on demand classes
  • Library of 500+ Steelhose movements
  • Live classes
  • Community Engagement
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Our Members Love to TalK


“Kettle bells and dumbbells always intimidated me. I love the steelhoses because they’re super easy to use, soft on my hands, and easy to store at home.”


“I have struggled for years with increasing muscle mass, but the Steelhose has been the perfect tool to help me finally achieve the size and strength goals.”


“I love how the Steelhose bends, rotates, and moves with me. The requirement is on my body to be the stabilizing factor which is great for balance, strength and flexibility.”

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Lift. Grip. Slam. Swing. Rotate. Toss.

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FitFighter was founded to make first responders better prepared for the rigors of their job. Now we've brought our training system to your gym, home, park, yard, basement, beach, turf, training room, or wherever it is you love to get strong. I believe anyone, at any time, can begin their journey to lifelong strength and crush their everyday mission. We are here to give you that freedom to live a happier, healthier, life.

Sarah Apgar

Founder & CEO | US Army and Iraq Veteran | Volunteer Firefighter

Fitness for Good

real-life heroes

With every Steelhose we sell, we make a contribution to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation which serves first responders, wounded veterans and their families.