Be Strong. Feel Ready. Train like the Bravest.

FitFighter is my life story. About the Army, elite sports, firefighting, parenthood. About teams and training. About strength, failure, perseverance, and love. I created our equipment, and our training is my own. Come be a part, and train like our heroes.

Our steelhoses are versatile, durable, and sustainable. So you’re ready for your own everyday mission.


Sarah Apgar, Founder


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Gain Strength. Build Balance. Feel Ready.

Steelhose Starter Kit
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To be strong, stable, ready everyday.

Buy your hose, support our Veterans. It’s that simple.

We are honored to sponsor the Stephen Siller T2T Foundation supporting wounded and fallen Veterans, firefighters, police, and their families, but need your help. We are able to turn every 50 foot length of recycled firehose into a $10 donation to this extraordinary organization. It’s a no brainer. Get involved!

Not for looks, for life (of course, a great bod is a key bonus).


For Your Everyday

Optimize your weekly fitness routine with our training, whether it is your primary source or a supplement to what you love. Follow our video circuits 3x / week for a minimum of 20 mins each session. Add modest weight to your HIIT. Complete your endurance workout with 5-20 lb. resistance routines.

For Gyms, Boxes, Studios

Offer members the most versatile training out there. Grab a gym package. Certify your trainers. Spice up your Group Ex classes — from CrossFit to Bikram, and host a pilot Steelhose Training class!

For Personal Trainers

The perfect home fitness tool with 7 standard positions for weighting the body. Throw a starter kit in your car and build into your programs!

For Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation

Using the Steelhose’ unique construction and versatility, promote grip strength and help patients rebuild stamina for everyday activities and demands of normal life.

For Athletic Coaches

Train both large teams and individual athletes, building holistic strength in your young athletes by adding Steelhose weight to fitness and weight sessions.

For Military and Fire Service

Complement your unit’s weekly/monthly training calendar working job-skills such as hose handling and body position with tools and equipment.

Shop our hoses and learn more....

From our Founder.


Public service and elite sports have woven their way in and out of my life for 30 years. Missing the camaraderie and physical demands of Collegiate Athletics and Army life, I joined my local volunteer fire department in Huntington, NY. I had immediate respect for this group of professionals. Their technical knowledge, stamina, principles, and pride in their work mirrored my military and elite sports careers.

As a team, we were all challenged by the sheer physical demands and extraordinary stamina required of the job. FitFighter equipment and circuits grew out of fitness programs we developed in the firehouse gym.

Whether you are an athlete, soldier, coach, parent, professional, or firefighter, this system delivers simple, superior equipment and training to your doorstep. I can’t wait to work with you.

— Sarah Apgar

CPT, Army / Iraq Veteran, All-American Collegiate Athlete, Volunteer Firefighter