The FitFighter Training System (FFTS) is designed to elevate your everyday performance. Whether its on the field of play or in the game of life, you will move strong with ironclad confidence.


Whether you’re in the gym or outdoors, our Steelhose® technology allows you to strength train in a traditional manner, as well as, functionally, athletically, tactically and within your true range of motion. Anywhere, anytime.


Fitness professionals use FitFighter to amplify their programming for their high-level athletes and as an introduction to strength training for general fitness clients due to its user- friendly functionality.


Steelhoses are unique as they provide the benefits of both free weights and resistance that you can lift, swing, drag, toss and drop. They are safe, soft to the touch, durable, easy to transport and store.

FitFighter Steelhose Features

Discover the Magic

Start moving your Steelhose® today. Our complimentary collection of videos shows how to grip, swing, slam, rotate, lift, and store your Steelhose.

Benefits to body, mind and spirit

Get yourGecko Grip

Get your Gecko Grip

Your Steelhose is constantly strengthening your proprioception and grip even when your focus may be elsewhere. Your grip is a biomarker for your long term health, so never compromise on getting in your gecko grip.

Build aSturdy Trunk

Build a Sturdy Trunk

Nothing else will be stable if your trunk isn’t first that’s the bottom line. Since your Steelhose is imbalanced by nature, the steel inside constantly moving and the horizontal weight always unstable, 100% of your movements work this!

Grease your Mobile Joints

Grease your Mobile Joints

Your joints are your ticket to paradise. To freedom from injury and the power of of movement and strength. Most joint injuries and surgeries and are preventable through mobility and strength, and mobilizing is our favorite thing to do.

NurtureA Steady Mind

Nurture a Steady Mind

While you’re moving, you can own and create many moments of focus. Focusing your eyes and mind inward to your body and what’s happening inside it. Then turning attention outward to your surroundings. The consistency and fluidity of your hose movement allows and enables this.

Strengthen your Spirit

Strengthen your Spirit

Your emotional peace is your third pillar of body mind and spirit. It’s as important as your steady mind and your strong grip. With our programs and coaching, we will fuel your spirit, trigger your breathing, and offer topics of the week to support your even keel.

FitFighter was founded to make first responders better prepared for the rigors of their job. Now we've brought our training system to your gym, home, park, yard, basement, beach, turf, training room, or wherever it is you love to get strong. I believe anyone, at any time, can begin their journey to lifelong strength and crush their everyday mission. We are here to give you that freedom to live a happier, healthier, life.

Sarah Apgar

Founder & CEO | US Army and Iraq Veteran | Volunteer Firefighter

For trainers, coaches and teams

Diversify your programming with the FitFighter TrainingSystem to attract and retain new and existing clients.Our done for you steelhose programming will save you time, as well as, enhance your 1 on 1, semi-private and large group training. Steelhoses are also a great way to diversify and add to your current training methodologies.

Get FitFighter certified to professionally educate group fitness clients, training clients, athletes, and tacticalteams with our versatile, durable and demanding trainingtool. Bundles and custom packages available.

Starting from $125

Opportunities include:
  • Level 1 and 2 Certifications (ACE Accredited for CECs)
  • Education Bundle with the Steelhose Home Gym Set (Saves 25%)
  • Virtual Seminars with our Master Instructors
  • Access to our FitFighter Pro Community once Certified
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Our Members Love to TalK


“Kettle bells and dumbbells always intimidated me. I love the steelhoses because they’re super easy to use, soft on my hands, and easy to store at home.”


“Working out used to be the first thing I'd cut from my hectic schedule, but with FitFighter, workouts can be as long or short as I need!”


“With a history of osteoporosis in my family, FitFighter has been exactly what I needed. The hoses are soft and flexible so I don’t have to worry about hurting myself or damaging my home.”


“I have struggled for years with increasing muscle mass, but the Steelhose has been the perfect tool to help me finally achieve the size and strength goals.”


“I love how the Steelhose bends, rotates, and moves with me. The requirement is on my body to be the stabilizing factor which is great for balance, strength and flexibility.”

Fitness for Good

real-life heroes

With every Steelhose we sell, we make a contribution to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation which serves first responders, wounded veterans and their families.