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FitFighter Loaded Movement System

Every human aged 8-80 whether a soldier, athlete, parent, professional, first responder, CEO, or coach needs Loaded Movement in daily life. More specifically, we need to move with unstable resistance and the consistent recruitment of our grip, a biomarker for our long term health. We need to incorporate hand-eye coordination, reaction and response that promotes mental engagement and emotional competency. Strength only makes us Strong when our mind and emotions steer it. In a collaborative multi-disciplinary team of the best coaches and subject matter experts in the world, we developed our Loaded Movement System as a comprehensive educational guide to A-Z strength starting with the foundational base movements, leading through to recovery and rest, and loading with our single, magical, Steelhose.

Continuous Loaded Movement

Once we've mastered the Loaded Movement System, we can safely and effectively move from one base movement with varying loads and holds, through build patterns, grip switches, and leverage changes to create fluid continuous movement that promotes stability and demands our reaction and response. This system builds our strength and deploys it for physical and mental preparedness.

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