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Have Steelhose® Questions? We Have Answers

What are Steelhoses?

Steelhoses are both free weights and resistance tools that you can lift, swing, drag, toss, and drop. 5 tools in 1, a Steelhose can do all the work of a dumbbell, kettlebell, sledge, sandbag, and medicine ball, and is safer than all of the above, durable, and easy to transport. Made in the USA from real firehose and recycled steel with brass grommets on the end, Steelhoses range from 5-50 LBs in weight (in 5 LB increments) and come in a Home (white) and Pro and Outdoors (Black reinforced) option. Different widths and length of hose are used depending on the weight and range from 2-6 inches in diameter, 18-36 inches in length.

Why are Steelhoses better than dumbbells or kettlebells?

Steelhoses have the same raw weightlifting characteristics as kettlebells and dumbbells, but the width is uniform including the grip area, and the weight is spread over longer lengths. This design increases instability and rotational inertia in each repetition, helping to build core strength, reduce joint strain, and develop grip strength (a key longevity marker.) Because Steelhoses are soft on the outside and semi-soft all around they’re safe on hardwood floors and won’t break toes when dropped! They are easy to load into a tote or trunk, carry around the neck or in hand, or in one of our personal carry bags! 

What are the most recommended weights?

A well-rounded set of weights includes a pair of 5lb hoses, one 15lb hose and one 25lb hose, along with a monthly subscription to the online video library and live online classes. See the “Help Me Choose” link on the product page for additional information on what might be the perfect trial option for you! 

How should Steelhoses be cleaned? 

Simple soap and water will clean ordinary dirt build-up. Hoses should be left in the sun or as much fresh air as possible for quick drying. You can also use basic fabric cleaning products if you’d like. Please note that Steelhoses will get a little dirty and roughed up over time as they are fabric and you’ll want to beat them up! 

How do Steelhoses feel and behave?

Hoses are made of tough coarse polyester fabric that’s easy to grip but not hard on your hands. In lengths of 18” to 36” packed with flowing steel shot, hoses feel like stiff bean bags – not rigid like dumbbells or kettle bells. Their length gives them great rotational inertia to build strength and agility, and importantly, they will not kink like sand would as you move with the weight and move your grip. 

How fast will I receive my Steelhose?

Typical orders deliver in less than a week. And while you wait, you can prepare your body and mind with specially developed bodyweight exercises so you can step right into the flow when your new hose arrives. See your order confirmation email for these activation workouts! 

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