Jumpstart your Hose Training here.

iOS Training App Coming end July 2019!

Recommended to get you started: 10, 15, 20 LB hose with handles.

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2-3 minute Sample Routines from our 5 Training Circuits

(iOS app Coming in June!) Grab your hose and train with me team!

3 movement fundamentals we train

Stay low to the ground

Low Motion is our lifeblood movement on the fire ground, but most of us haven’t deployed it consistently since babyhood. To excel as firefighters and athletes we must get reacquainted with the floor, and moving across it on all fours.

Circuit tip: work Kodiak Crawls with 5 lb hoses to get started!

Move with weight

Training with imbalanced weight builds stabilizer muscles required for awkward loads during strenuous activity. Incorporating imbalanced weight into controlled repetitions during training prepares us for rapid movement and decisions under pressure when it matters.

Circuit tip: run Cardio Burst movements with a 10 lb hose on one shoulder to start.

Burst with power

Nearly every movement on the fire ground, the athletic field, the battlefield, and often every day life requires quick thinking and reaction. Working Bursts of Power in a safe, controlled fitness setting prepares your mind and body for going zero to sixty when you need it to most.

Circuit tip: start with 3-5 reps with 50% burst, and work up to 8-10 at full power burst.