Jumpstart Personal Training: 1 Session Package
Jumpstart Personal Training: 1 Session Package

New to FitFighter? We got you. Rev your engines with us, grab your new Home Gym Set, and train with our world class coaches.

With options for a single session to fire your pistons and give you all the fundamentals you need for Steelhose Strength & Conditioning, to a 5 session package usable for up to a month, let us light your inner fire. Also included as a bonus for all package options is 6 weeks of once-a-week Movement check ins to ensure that you are moving well and training well.

We can't wait to start. Come on board. 

  • Steelhoses assembled with love in NY
  • Free shipping on bulk orders

  • Portion of proceeds benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers Foundation

  • Guaranteed safe checkout


10 LB Steelhose PAIR
25 LB Steelhose
5 LB Steelhose PAIR