High School & Collegiate 30 Day Program
High School & Collegiate 30 Day Program

Bring your athletes, coaches, and teams the most innovative, safe and effective training system on the market everywhere you train. Use The SIRT System in the training room, on the turf, during practice or strength sessions, in-season and off-season, at the track, on the court, on the pool deck, and for take-home programs.

  • Turnkey 30 Day Comprehensive implementation program, "Everyday Athlete", with ability to create countless supplemental sport-specific programs 
  • Features training for strength, power, conditioning, mobility, stability, and grip applications for every sport on your schedule by varying your movement library, Steelhose weights and movement sequences and complexes 
  • Complete movement library and easy to follow written program with links and video collection for your first season with The SIRT System 

Recommended Steelhose Set:
15 LB & 25 LB per athlete
Complete Product Line 5-40 LBs in Training and Weight Room Settings and for select sports, on racks at the field or court
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Recommended Implementation Options: 
60 Minute Quick Start 
LIVE Session with our World Class Pro Team

Level 1 Certification
Available CECs for American Council on Exercise certified pros 

  • Steelhoses assembled with love in NY
  • Free shipping

  • Portion of proceeds benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers Foundation

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This system is for you if you are High School or Collegiate Level Athletic Director, Sports Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach or Trainer looking to implement the best strength training system in the industry, protect your athletes, train anywhere you are, and have a 1 stop shop for your S&C needs. 

Benefits of this Training and Program: 

  • With a single system, program and train strength, power, conditioning, mobility, balance, grip strength, and core stability.
  • Implement novel team training solutions for sport-specific applications including field sports, court sports, and individual Olympic sports, in indoor and outdoor settings. 
  • Hundreds of athletes can work at once with imbalanced weight load and weighted resistance applications using our grommet.
  • Increase athlete engagement, energy, and interest in strength training with the versatility of movement options and sport-specific applications that are easy to understand.
  • Easily take hoses on the road to camps and away competition for activations, warmups, and mobility 
  • Ongoing support for your team includes a complete Movement Library of over 250 movements
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery 
  • This is the safest strength training system on the market, increasing the safety of your athletes
  • SIRT Training helps to prevent injury using superior mobility / stability drills and soft tissue techniques
  • Steelhoses increase grip strength, proprioception, and hand eye coordination better than any other strength tool
  • Steelhoses are soft grip tools aiding in injury recovery and mobility complementing athlete physical therapy programs

Features & Benefits of the Steelhose: 

  • 5 Tools in 1 
  • Dumbell, Kettlebell, Sand/Bulgarian Bag, Medicine Ball, and Sledge in a single tool 
  • Ideal indoor, outdoor, field, court, gym, home 
  • Completely safe for gym and home and easy to transport 
  • Grommets for band and resistance attachments