Femme Experience: 4 Weeks on Fire for Moms
Order NOW so you have your hoses in hand for program launch on April 20th!  

Femme Experience: 4 Weeks on Fire for MomsFemme Experience: 4 Weeks on Fire for Moms

Hey team, this one goes out to our FitFighter moms!

From today through Memorial Day, what will your legacy be?

Here is what comes in this kit bag (valued at $495 team, yours for under $150+Shipping): 

  • 5 + 15 LB Femme Set Steelhoses 
  • 8 SarahStrong Videos with Workouts + Leadership Discussion 
  • Custom Spotify Playlists with jams for each session 
  • Private Weekly Zoom Group Meetings with Sarah Apgar
  • Opt-In “I Am Ready” Motivational Texts
  • BONUS 30 min KidFit Vid 

  • Steelhoses assembled with love in NY
  • Free shipping on bulk orders

  • Portion of proceeds benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers Foundation

  • Guaranteed safe checkout


Hey team, this one goes out to our FitFighter x Clean Cut moms! We have something special for you that we are pouring our hearts into, and super pumped for you to join us. We know where you are right now. We are mamas too. And working women. And this is all crazy. We are here to light you on fire!!

This experience is for you if you:

  • Want to stay ready, sharp, fit, at the top of your game, strong for all those who need you
  • Would love support and community from me and a new group of moms coast to coast
  • Are stuck in an exercise & nutrition rut with this new schedule, or you just want the best in-home workouts out there that are safe for your kids
  • Crave and enjoy personal and professional development 
  • Would love hearing and learning from some great stories from the trenches, from my Army and athlete and first responder days 
  • Want to define and build your legacy for the next 4 weeks


10 LB Steelhose PAIR
25 LB Steelhose
5 LB Steelhose PAIR