Couch-to-Course Golf Program
Couch-to-Course Golf Program

This program is designed to counter the demands that golf places on the body. “Couch to course” will enhance your core control, balance, stability, mobility, overall strength, and endurance, as well as your body’s ability to safely handle rotation - combined, these movements increase power and control, improving your golf swing while reducing the possibility of injury. 

The program includes
-6 warm-up videos (10-20 min / each)
-12 workout videos (45 min - 60 min / each) 
-3 cool-down videos (15-20 min / each) 

Each workout contains
-Circuit exercises, each culminating in a “metabolic blast” using TPI movements specifically designed with the Steelhose to build stability, rotation, control, strength, and power 
-Swing, drag, drop, and thrust movements through progressive exercises that stack steelhoses and/or use offset grip to increase difficulty and build strength, particularly in the wrist, shoulder, and back
-Stability movements, specifically focused on the lower back and shoulder, through various body weight and steelhose exercises. 

Recommended Steelhose Set:
5 lb pair, 15 lb
  • Steelhoses assembled with love in NY
  • Free shipping

  • Portion of proceeds benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers Foundation

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This program is for all golfers (beginner-advanced) who seek to improve their performance and prevent injury. 

Benefits of this Program: 

  • Move efficiently and maintain a strong, tall posture throughout the golf swing, maintaining stability in the stable segments while increasing mobility in the mobile joints 
  • Build grip strength through slow and controlled forearm movements as well as through faster movement sequences (e.g. swings) by leveraging the imbalanced load of the steelhose 
  • Increase club head speed through safe, progressive exercises under tension - through different grip positions on the steelhose and a various movement sequences, each culminating in a ‘metabolic blast’ - golfers will build the strength, coordination, and stability necessary to follow through and improve their golf swing

Features & Benefits of the Steelhose: 

  • 5 Tools in 1 
  • Dumbell, Kettlebell, Sand/Bulgarian Bag, Medicine Ball, and Sledge in a single tool 
  • Ideal indoor, outdoor, field, court, gym, home 
  • Completely safe for gym and home and easy to transport 
  • Grommets for band and resistance attachments