Carabiner & Band Set
Carabiner & Band SetCarabiner & Band SetCarabiner & Band Set

Turn your Steelhose Set into the ultimate weighted resistance handle with our FitFighter x Sorinex biner-band set. The carabiner clips easily onto your brass grommets. Cinch your band onto any fixed anchor -- the staircase, pipe, chainlink fence, swingset -- and work banded resistance with our App Movement Library.


Layered Rubber Strength Band 41" length x 1/2" x 6.35mm. ideal for stretching and recovering as well as resistance and lifting. Resistance approximately 30-50 LBS.

Carabiner is rated to 4496 LBS. Carabiners may be black or silver depending on current stock. Use them on cable machines, as band attachments, attachments for straps and rings, or anything else you can think of. Made in the U.S.A.

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  • Portion of proceeds benefit Stephen Siller Tunnel2Towers Foundation

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