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Volume Weights

Recommended: Flow Patterns, Build Movements, Partner, Power, Grip Change. 

The Original Heritage Hoseline from our Long Island roots, 15-30 LB Steelhose is made from ¾ inch residential attack line and 2.5 inch commercial line. Infinitely versatile for strength, power, conditioning, joint mobility, teamwork, and partner work, Volume weights’ length/width ratio optimize Instability Resistance for our fundamental Base strength movements to continuous Flow. Steelhose’ structure is in constant motion in hand and on the body, even in static hold positions. The resulting trunk, grip, hip and glute recruitment is optimal for building core strength. Steelhose equips us to move fluidly from one strength, power, endurance, or mobility  movement to the next without changing our tools and with infinite grip transitions, to shift our point of leverage and placement of weight in hand or on the body. 

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