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I would like my 30 day free fitness videos to start now. I just received my hose on 12/03/2020. Waited a month. Videos run out by the time I got the product

Excellent for daily workouts

I'm now using my FitFighters daily in place of my two 12lb barbells for my morning workouts. Working beautifully. And looking forward to learning some of new exercises featured on FitFighters home page.


I didn't know there was a free 30 day membership, but thats great to know now! Thanks


I absolutely love this product. During this time when gyms are not always available this hose is perfect for a workout at home. I look forward to purchasing more pieces.

Fun to use

I keep it centrally located in the living room so I can grab it when the mood strikes and toss it around for a few minutes. Very happy

Received the product and and enjoying them every single day!

Home Gym Set: 5 Pair, 15, 25 LB Steelhoses

It is a Christmas gift so it is still in the box. Connect in a month.

Really like them

They are a little difficult to sanitize but otherwise a great addition to my home gym.


I am so impressed with this product.....I will be able to give a more detailed review after my grandson opens this gift on Christmas.

Real Life

I like the Fit Fighter home gym set so much better then free weights and kettle bells as it is more realistic movements to what you encounter every day. Enjoy more movements with the hoses for activities I enjoy such as golf.

It's a Christmas present so have not tried it yet!

Versitle / comfortable

Thank you love using them with my CrossFit workout

Didn’t get my stuff

Ordered two 15 lb steelhoses and only one came in the box. Emailed the company and they said if I didn’t get the 2nd one in 5 days to respond back to that email thread. I responded back twice several days apart with no answer. They responded quickly on the first email so expected a quick response on the second two emails; now I just think they are ignoring me. Very disappointed.

Love these!

So easy to use! Love these more than individual weights!

Purchased as a gift.

Recipient will receive this gift on Christmas Day.


Whew...!!! These are amazing weights...especially with the flexibility! My husband is intrigued! I cannot wait to really get started!

Outstanding, Great Addition to My Home Gym

These are a great addition to my home gym. They were a little costly and did not come with any free hard copy work outs to get you started but they are still a great addition. Easy to handle so you can create your own individual workouts and easy to store, they take very little room in my already crowded gym. I use them daily for warmup, strength and flexibility exercises and for some golf specific workouts, love them.

Amazing product

Love the FitFighter set we ordered - I have been playing around with them and they are so very versatile!

Website Membership issues

I'm hopeful but your website hasn't allowed me to input the code you provide for a trial membership and my Macafee system is blocking your site as well for the fitness portion. I look forward to hearing from you.

I haven't received my FitFighter home gym set yet.

Grab Your Hose + Free 30 Day Membership


Is a gift so can't review

fun workout tool

fabulous! finally its fun doing weights