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15 LB Steelhose
Cherie Katin
15 lb steel hose

A little heavy for me at beginning but really enjoy the workout

Hi Cherie! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your new Steelhose! Welcome to the FitFighter family!

15lbs Steel Hose

Amazing product perfect weight and chat representative Kari and CX Manger Lisa are even more awesome they assisted a serverely disabled individual to get an amazing piece of equipment

Hi David! Thank you for your kind words! We are honored to have you in our FitFighter family!

5 LB Steelhose PAIR
Vickie muto
5 lbs steelhose pair

I absolutely love them. Would recommend then to all. Well made easy to grip they are the best weights I have ever seen.

Hi Vickie! It's great to hear that you're loving your Steelhoses! Welcome to the FitFighter family!

Complicated transaction Professionally handled

After seeing this product on TV it seemed to be a perfect solution for multi-generations / ages of family members to work-out with common goals in mind, using the same equipment. The order was complicated because I wanted to make it a gift to my other family members, in different states. Sarah and Kevin both worked with me to make t all come together smoothly. It is still too early to see results on our bodies. We have seen results in enthusiasm to work-out together from the youngest to the oldest in the family. Thanks to Sarah and Kevin for your follow-thru in making this a reality!

Thanks so much for your kind words! It's great to hear how enthusiastic everyone is to work out together! We are so glad we could make this a reality for you!

FitFighter Steelhose
Donald Jones
App is confusing

I think the product has merits and I know I’m going to use it. I am disappointed by the App I bought the product for $150 and it offered online classes which I Haven’t been given instructions how to access.

Hi Donald! Thank you for your feedback! We have reached out to you to address your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

I like the equipment. I was hoping for a little more out of the training piece I purchased. Overall its an ok product. I wish 25lbs and above had handles. I have clients who are between 5" and 5"3" and they struggle to hold the girth of the bigger hoses.

Hello Danielle,

Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to write with such detail. We will for sure consider your suggestion for future product developments.

15 LB Steelhose
Kathy Levinson
KDJ Conditioning

I like this FitFighter steelhose very much. I like the versatility of it -- you can be creative in your workouts. I think its very well made. I am quite glad that I purchased the steelhose.

Hi Kathy! Thank you for your feedback! We love to hear that you are enjoying your new Steelhose!

Awesome piece of equipment

Great strength training product and very sturdy

Hi David! Thanks so much for the great feedback, and welcome to the FitFighter family!

As represented

Same as the others, very happy with the product.

Hi Todd! Thank you for the great feedback and welcome to the FitFighter family!

Wonderful and versatile!

I have wanted these for six months now and decided to treat myself in the New Year since I haven’t returned yet to the gym. I HAVE NO REGRETS! Love these hoses, love this company, and I love the classes provided to help me when I am not feeling creative.

Hi Sara! Thanks for your kind words! We are so glad you are loving your hoses and the classes! Welcome to the FitFighter Family!

The 40 lb weight

Like the others, I really like this weight. It seems to be more comfortable to use than a conventional weight. Again, such a genius idea!

Hi Rick! We can’t thank you enough for your kind words about our Steelhoses! It's our pleasure to welcome you to the FitFighter family!

25 LB Steelhose
Sanjeev Khattar


Hi Sanjeev! We're so happy to hear that you love your new Steelhose!

5 LB Steelhose PAIR
Karen Norton

The edges are a bit sharp. Good product and workout otherwise

We are glad to hear you are enjoying your steelhoses! And we greatly appreciate your feedback about the edges. We are always looking for ways to improve our steelhoses, and will look specifically at the edges.

20 LB Steelhose
Luke Goedde

20 LB Steelhose

5 LB Steelhose PAIR
Katie Chambers

5 LB Steelhose PAIR

FitFighter Steelhose
Tara Collins

I love these work outs

Hi Tara! We're happy to hear that you're loving FitFighter Life! We'll be posting new content every month, so keep an eye out!

Genius idea

I love these weights. My only wish was that they would have been around when I was a lot younger and playing baseball...they would have been great to use to loosen up on deck! I hope the backpacks are available, again, soon.

Hi Rick! Thank you for your feedback! We will be sure to let you know when the backpacks are back in stock!

40 lbs of fun

This is my second fit fighter and I love it. If I could change anything, I would place the handles in locations that make sense for lifts like hang cleans. Still a big fan and prefer these to traditional weights.

Hi Erica! Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the FitFighter family!

Don't Let The Weight Fool You

Love these things. Lifting 10lbs sounds easy, but as the trainings have shown, its the movement and grip positioning that makes these so versatile.

Hi Luke! Thank you for the kind words! We are so excited to have you in our FitFighter family!

FitFighter Steelhose
Quality and fun to use

FF are fun to use. The length adds a new dimension adding new challenge to any workout. I love the new complexity and the grip strength challenge. They are very versatile and I love the adding a new challenge to any workout.

Hi Nichole! It's great to hear that your new Steelhose is adding a bit of challenge to your routine! Keep up the good work!

AMAZING!! These are perfect for intense workouts but that work for my small apartment. I am so glad I bought these durable, stackable weights!

I just want more weights and workouts to go along with!

Hi Cass! We're glad you're loving your hoses! We have more workouts coming to our membership soon, so keep an eye out! Thanks for being part of the FitFighter Family!

20 LB Steelhose
A Must Have in your Fitness Arsenal!

Great piece of fitness equipment! Build is top notch and very versatile for your workouts! Highly recommended!

Hi Eddie! Thanks for your kind words! Welcome to the FitFighter Family!

So much more than expected!

I was excited to try the FitFighter Steelhoses, because I come from a firefighter family and they looked like they could be a fun fitness tool. But once they arrived they were SO MUCH more versatile than expected. Obviously you can use them the same as you would sandbags, but they also have been an amazing substitute for a barbell and wallballs in small spaces. Now we can even do tire strikes indoors without a sledgehammers or a tire. I just placed my 3rd order in a month! Love these things!

Hi Michell! We're so glad you're loving your Steelhoses! Welcome to the FitFighter Family!

Works fine for what I wanted it for.

10 LB Steelhose PAIR
Richard Chartier

These Steelhose are fantastic and made from good quality material that I’m sure will last for years.