SIRT - Steelhose Instability Resistance Training

Our SIRT Programs are your solution for Teams & Individuals, Group Fitness, Certification, Performance & Sport-Specific Training.

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FitFighter Steelhose Features

Offer FitFighter Team Training & Group Fitness Programs

Deliver a new format, program, and training tool with support from our movement libraries and accredited Level 1 Certification.

Protect Your Clients, Members, Athletes & Teams

Steelhoses enable you to offer the safest strength training system in the world. The semi-firm form factor makes them stable but flexible when used throughout infinite movement complexes and safe against accidental drops.

Join us at the Leading Edge of Innovation

We’ve reinvented the free weight, creating a 5 in 1 tool with limitless applications to lift, swing, toss, drag, drop, rotate, and advance through progressions like no other training system.

Maintain Your Professional Certification with our CEUs

We’d love to work with your entire training staff to implement our system and keep you certified.

We're Trusted by the Best

Nationwide, gym owners, personal trainers, coaches, tactical units, and public safety organizations trust us to help deliver world class equipment and training programs to support mission readiness, elite performance, and long term health.

Benefits to body, mind and spirit

Get yourGecko Grip

Get your Gecko Grip

Your Steelhose is constantly strengthening your proprioception and grip even when your focus may be elsewhere. Your grip is a biomarker for your long term health, so never compromise on getting in your gecko grip.

Build aSturdy Trunk

Build a Sturdy Trunk

Nothing else will be stable if your trunk isn’t first that’s the bottom line. Since your Steelhose is imbalanced by nature, the steel inside constantly moving and the horizontal weight always unstable, 100% of your movements work this!

Grease your Mobile Joints

Grease your Mobile Joints

Your joints are your ticket to paradise. To freedom from injury and the power of of movement and strength. Most joint injuries and surgeries and are preventable through mobility and strength, and mobilizing is our favorite thing to do.

NurtureA Steady Mind

Nurture a Steady Mind

While you’re moving, you can own and create many moments of focus. Focusing your eyes and mind inward to your body and what’s happening inside it. Then turning attention outward to your surroundings. The consistency and fluidity of your hose movement allows and enables this.

Strengthen your Spirit

Strengthen your Spirit

Your emotional peace is your third pillar of body mind and spirit. It’s as important as your steady mind and your strong grip. With our programs and coaching, we will fuel your spirit, trigger your breathing, and offer topics of the week to support your even keel.

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60+ Fitness





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Pro Reviews

When I was first introduced to the Steelhose and SIRT System, I knew it would be a great addition to our functional programs at Triplex Training, but I had no idea how broad the benefits would be. The versatility of this training allows our athletes to carry, throw, drag, and lift without concern for safety or durability. This new category of strength programming allows us to work proprioception, grip strength, and hand-eye coordination in our athletes in addition to strength, power, conditioning, mobility, double & single leg stability, and agility. This is also the only strength and mobility system we can use easily in large groups and teams which adds whole new dimensions to training opportunities. With our focus on training movement versus individual muscles, the Steelhose has allowed us to promote core strength by using full body imbalanced exercises in our circuits and team training. FitFighter has been an excellent addition to every single athlete that comes through our doors. I can't imagine not having it as a standard component in our programs.
Kyle Herrig
FitFighter is a superior concept for the novice to the Pro. What an amazing training system. SIRT Training will get your clients sweating, moving and training like a champion. The FitFighter platform is easy to use, clear with movement libraries and versatile program options. The next level of strength, conditioning, and mobility training is here.
Lori Sawyer
CSCS, Former USC Strength Coach, Clean Cut Fitness and Nutrition
I love the function, versatility, and purpose of the SIRT System. Not only that, Steelhoses are high quality, well made and durable. They add to your toolbox of training the whole body in countless ways and have been invaluable for peak performance in my athletes and clients. I use these on the beach, in the gym, and in the weight room to create the ultimate workout for myself and my athletes. I highly suggest adding them to your training programs, and considering FitFighter’s Pro Programs as your SIRT Foundation.
Leslie Trujillo
The Developing Athlete Podcast and Youth Athlete Coach

Advisory Board

Sarah Apgar

Sarah Apgar, CPT, MBA

  • Founder and CEO
  • Army / Iraq War Veteran
  • All-American Collegiate Rugby
  • MBA Dartmouth
  • ROTC Princeton
Jason Walsh

Jason Walsh, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

  • Partner
  • CEO, Rise Nation & Rise Movement
  • Pro Athlete
  • Celebrity Coach
Amber Goppert

Amber Goppert, CSCS

  • Director - Training and Education
  • Owner, The Training Room
  • Former NIKE Trainer
Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, CSCS, MA

  • Advisor
  • Owner, Fitness Quest 10
  • Under Armour Lead Training Advisor
Dr. Steve Sundarraj

Dr. Steve Sundarraj, DPT

  • Advisor
  • Owner, Recalibrate PT
  • MMA Athlete Trainer
Josh Stolz

Josh Stolz, CSCS

  • Master Instructor
  • Head of Pro Accounts
  • Former Equinox Master Trainer

The Coaches

Carrie S. Armacost

Carrie S. Armacost, ACE-CPT

  • TPI Level 2
  • Owner, CareFit Personal Training
  • Endurace Sports Athlete
Derith Cass

Derith Cass, CSCS

  • Coach, Fierce by Choice
Geraldine Dry

Geraldine Dry

  • BS, Health Science
  • USAW-SPC Level 1
  • DBC Level 1
  • FMS Level 1
Kate Langinauer

Kate Langinauer

  • MA Psychology
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Health Coach and Fitness Coach
  • Entrepreneur
Dan Lawrence

Dan Lawrence, CSCS, ACE CPT, RKC II

  • Owner, The Readiness Training
  • On Camera Coach - The Daily Burn / MYX Fitness
Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza, ACSM-PT

  • Founder, Jam Fit Personal Training
Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison

  • Master Instructor
  • MS Kinesiology
  • USAW and Bioforce Certified
Philip Ritchy

Philip Ritchy

  • Founder, Tops Fitness Management
  • Affiliate owner, Rock Steady Boxing
Alyssa Shoji

Alyssa Shoji, NASM-CPT, CES

  • Former Athlete and Fitness Professional
Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

  • Champion Chess Boxer
  • Founder, Brawl for a Cause
  • Founder, Fight and Flow
  • Philanthropist
Fit Fighter Founder

From the Founder

FitFighter began 7 years ago as a simple solution for better movement and superior strength for first responders. In the firehouse we worked together as a team to optimize our skills through the use of Steelhoses as imbalanced weight load, and ultimately reimagined our approach to strength and conditioning entirely. We taught skills by teaching movement. We changed the way we moved and trained, and built a new kind of strength. We improved performance and work capacity by increasing the efficiency of that strength. Now my team has infused those same science-based principles into our SIRT System, our proprietary training platform for trainers, coaches, athletes, and the general public. Join me and my team in the most focused, energetic, joy-filled, high performance training experiences in the world. We're here to make you, your athletes, clients, members and teams mission ready, and to unite all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from, in this movement ethos, and mission readiness, of the future.

Partners and Affiliates

Top Fitness Management
Carefit Personal Training
Fire Department City of New York
Fitness Quest 10
Rise Nation
City of San Diego Fire Rescue
World Gym
Peak Fitness NW

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SIRT - Steelhose Instability Resistance Training