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Recommended: Dynamic Warmup, Conditioning, Agility, Mobility, Yoga. 

More like magic wands than weights, 5 and 10 LB Steelhose’ principle utility is to load your mobility and conditioning movement to demand increased stability, and foster better situational awareness in your body. Hose load requires constant recruitment of your grip as you flow through a complete range of motion and move with pace. The infinite grip placements along the hose body change your point of leverage and enable totally novel progressions for dynamic warmup, mobility, endurance, agility, and yoga. The fluidity with which we can move Steelhose enables a unique connection through compound Base and Build movements and Flow progressions. Mobility Weights optimize proprioception and hand eye coordination naturally engaged as we transition through grips and use Build progressions such as the Swing and Toss.

*comes in a pair

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