Celebrating the service professions through the strength they inspire

We are bringing the extraordinary strength and stamina of service men and women closer to you. Our equipment and circuits are inspired by diverse and dynamic firefighting activities and movements. This training is designed for firefighters, soldiers, elite athletes, you, The F.D.N.Y Fire Training Academy joined us in 2014 to bring steehose training to every candidate entering the New York City Fire Department. With FitFighter, train like your hometown heroes.

A note from Founder Sarah Apgar

FitFighter was born out of my fixation with military training and fire ground movements. Missing the camaraderie and physical demands of Army life, I joined my local volunteer fire department in Huntington, NY. I had immediate respect for this radical group of professionals. Their technical knowledge, stamina, principles, and pride in their work mirrored my military and collegiate sports careers. Our equipment and training grew out of fitness programs we developed in the firehouse gym. This circuit system delivers simple, superior equipment and circuits to firefighters, soldiers, athletes, training academies, and the general public. 

Hose recycling program

We turn old firehose into fitness equipment — what could be a better use of this awesome material?! Sign up below to contact us regarding your unserviceable hose. It's win win. 

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