Fitfighter at Triplex Training 

2015 ~ Chandler, AZ ~ Featuring brand ambassador Matt Long

A collaboration between Fitfighter and Triplex Training, Kyle Herrig's sports performance center in Chandler, AZ, this event was open to the public and featured the inspiring and jaw-dropping story of Matt Long, former FDNY firefighter, Ironman and poster comeback-kid after a should-have-been-fatal bike accident filleted his body and left him fighting for his life, let alone the ability to ever walk again. 

Against all odds, Matt returned to one of the greatest human athletic feats, completing the Lake Placid Ironman, and is back in Chandler to tell his story and thank Kyle and Triplex, who helped bring him back to life. 

We debuted the Steelhose System with Phoenix area Fire Departments at a Friday afternoon workout, and hosted a blowout circuit training experience Saturday afternoon for the public! Contact us to schedule yours!

Firehouse World

2015 and 2016 ~ San Diego, CA 

Featuring our Chief Trainer Sarah Apgar. Throughout the 5 day conference, main conference sessions featured prominent leaders in the fitness, behavioral health, and firefighter wellness industries. 

The exhibit floor had moderated panels and 10 minute Fitness Showcase topics for a big dose of into in a small amount of time. 

FIREHOUSE is making a big statement with its focus on firefighter health and wellness -- "360 degrees / 365 days a year" -- and we are proud and thrilled to be a part of it!  

Firehouse Expo 2016: Nashville, TN

It was a packed house for the inaugural Music City Firehouse Expo. We were honored to be a part of it.

Fit to Fight: Mechanics of Fire Ground Movements and their Physical Requirements

The first step in building an effective fitness program for a team of occupational athletes is to break down the work required for success, and properly understand the physical requirements for that work. This workshop deep dives into movements on the fire ground, and how to prepare your mind and body to excel at these activities...

Fit to Fight: Build Your Own Circuit Training Program

Armed with an understanding of fire ground movement mechanics, get hands-on and outline your own circuit training in this action-oriented workshop. Leave the session with the tools to create a complete program for your own team. 

Train the Trainer Program

By appointment (call or email us)

Our world class Train the Trainer Session certifies instructors to use Steelhoses safely and effectively within their own Boot Camp sessions, or exclusively with our official 8-part Steelhose Circuit Program – 35 minutes start to finish. Our signature Steelhose training areas focus on Weight-Loaded Movement and Low-Motion Training. Fitness exercises are based on simple firefighter maneuvers outlined in our fireground activity areas shown below. 

Training Curriculum 

Instruction on our three ground rules for Steelhose training in a team oriented setting: 

  • LowMotion

  • Weight-Load Imbalance

  • Burst of Power

The benefits of training with Steelhoses and fireground-based movements:

  • Developing stability when loaded with weight – centered and offset

  • Training low-motion positions

  • Working repetitive motions

  • Building grip strength

  • Preventing joint-related injuries at the wrist

  • Operating in teams

  • Pushing individual limits with soft, safe equipment

Outlining simple concepts we use as a training guide for Steelhoses:

  • Progressions from lower weight (Auger) to high (Hoss)

  • Progressions from low to high reps

  • Mix of Repetitive (repeating motions for multiple reps) and Continuous (one of each motion in sequence) Circuits

  • Simple to complex and slow to fast movements

Write to us at with interest in the train the trainer program!