the firefighter-inspired fitness system

FDNY Fire Academy’s Weight and Resistance Training Tool


the firefighter-inspired fitness system

FDNY Fire Academy’s Weight and Resistance Training Tool

Versatile and sustainable. So you can be ready for anything.

Built by first responders. So you can train like your hometown heroes.

Getting results when it matters most goes way beyond fitness: it is about physical and mental readiness, for exceptional performance, and optimal outcomes. We design equipment and training programs to help you prepare for the moments that matter.

The steelhose, our signature training tool, is made from double-jacketed nylon-rubber and has a steel filler designed to mimic pressurized firehose. In addition to adding our signature 35 minute video circuit session (see our Shop) into your week once or twice, other ideas we have for you include….

Individual FitFighters: optimize your HIIT, weight sessions, plyometrics, or endurance workout with 5-20 lbs of hose weight. 

Trainers: spice up your favorite Group Exercise class — whether CrossFit, Yoga, Video sessions, TFW, and so on — with steelhose weight.

Athletic Coaches: build holistic strength in your young athletes by adding steelhose weight to fitness and weight sessions.

Officers: complement your weekly/monthly training calendar with a hose-based fitness session working job-skills such as hose handling.

For Gyms, Teams, Training Centers, Fire Departments, Boot Camps, Boxes, Basements.

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Designed to help you achieve your everyday mission.


from our founder

FitFighter was born out of my fixation with military training and fire ground movements. Missing the camaraderie and physical demands of Army life, I joined my local volunteer fire department in Huntington, NY. I had immediate respect for this awesome group of professionals. Their technical knowledge, stamina, principles, and pride in their work mirrored my military and collegiate sports careers.

Our equipment and circuits grew out of fitness programs we developed in the firehouse gym. Whether you are an athlete, soldier, coach, parent, firefighter, this system delivers simple, superior equipment and training to your doorstep.

I can’t wait to work with you on your own everyday mission!

— Sarah Apgar