At FITFIGHTER we hail from the military. Every morning at dawn Army units form up for PT in the yard, at the barracks, on the obstacle course, at the foot of a mountain, or wherever that day takes them. Fire Academies share a commitment to unit PT. Depicted below, at FDNY's Fire Academy at Randall's Island candidates start the morning with weight-loaded plyometrics and intervals using our STEELHOSES.

Research shows that fitness training in units rather than as individuals makes athletes push limits further and stay motivated longer. Most of us would agree that having someone waiting in the gym or on the track is a good way to ensure a high intensity session happens that day. At Halesite FD on Long Island, where Sarah Apgar is Director and Trainer, we do team weight-loaded workouts Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, and guys supplement with their own programs throughout the week. Peruse our top 5 benefits of "more hands on deck" exercise, and give it a shot in your own firehouse! 

FDNY Fire Academy Unit Training

FDNY Fire Academy Unit Training

(1) High Fives: there's no substitute for having a buddy team / workout partner with whom to high five at the end of a ferocious interval or difficult set, and motivate for the next one (out loud!)

(2) Timing: having multiple athletes work together at an exercise increasing consistency and accuracy of everyone's count and timing. Intervals are smoother and more standard. 

(3) Learning / Innovating: 2 heads are better than 1. Learn from your colleagues / teammates / fellow firefighters when they have a new take on an old routine. 

(4) Stamina: when you're getting weary, other people around you provide distraction and motivation and increase your stamina to get to the finish line. 

(5) Mutual Example: while training weight-loaded movement, critical elements should be watched such as form and body positioning, low squats, flat back, and the use of bones and joints for strength and stability (vs. muscle, which is not as strong). Workouts in teams enables this to happen during the workout.