Until this winter, I only ever glanced at the sign for Randalls Island heading north on the RFK Bridge. No longer will I pass it by, as candidates at the FDNY Fire Academy are now training with FITFIGHTER hoses.  Fitness Director LT Michael Cacciolla, a fitness visionary and professional trainer who designs and leads the Academy's unit fitness programs, signed on with us in February with a package of 160 Hoss hoses. FDNY Trainees use the Hoss to work hose handling movement, forcible entry strength, plyometrics and more. During my brief visit I noted one of the cooler pull up bars I've ever seen and a powerful memorial to military veterans.

Here is a FITFIGHTER TOP FIVE list from this inspiring visit. We look forward to an ongoing firefighter fitness partnership with the FDNY.

1. Eagle-clad steel pull-up bar in the unit fitness area.

2. Military and 9/11 memorials showcasing tight brotherhood among soldiers and firefighters.

3. The place is dubbed "The Rock." Enough said.

4. Full floor fitness center with weights, plyo equipment, cardio, and functional fitness areas.

5. Killer panini sandwich next door at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy cafe.