These 2 fine fire responders cranked it up a notch to win the gold and silver at Halesite Fire Department's big loser weight loss competition, ending on St. Patrick's Day. Top 5 moments of the competition: 

1. Initial Weigh In included a FREE 10 lb. STEELHOSE, personal box of almonds, and our very own 5 principles.

2. Firehouse gym participation rose 20% and for maybe the first time ever, the lights were on regularly at 6 am!

3. Lieutenant O'Brien (gold medalist) started running again for the first time in a decade, and completed the Long Island Marathon a month after he won the gold! 

4. Brad Gaito (silver medalist!) used his first fitness app and became obsessed. His analytical mind won him the silver.

5. The smiles on "BIG CHECK DAY" were worth their weight in gold. 

Congratulations gentlemen!