We're making the rounds at Suffolk County Firehouses to bring our STEELHOSES to all corners of Long Island. An army of Juniors, veterans, and new members showed up for some truck bay hose workout action at Northport Fire Department last week. FITFIGHTER FIVE highlights included...  

I. Hitting the deck with the Auger in hand for an exhibition Search Circuit. Focus: low movement, forward progress with tools, core stability, and shoulder strength. Members tested 20 rep bursts with our 10 lb hose.   

II. Spreading our firefighter fitness message to a new community. Suffolk County has 109 firehouses in its first responder family. These houses support the 1.5 million residents of Long Island with emergency medical and firefighting services. It's our duty at FITFIGHTER to enable these efforts through our fitness programs and equipment. Northport FD has joined us!

III. Our very own FT circuit song mix from Sarah's screen-crushed iPod. Don't lie, hair band inspiration is the reason you love fitness. We agree. Highlights include: Van Halen, Beastie Boys, Journey. It's eclectic and awesome. 

IV. Team-ship! Sometimes the weary evening workout begins with moaning and groaning, but at FITFIGHTER everyone's in this together. It's never an individual thing. Quickly, the grunts are replaced with inspired encouragements, a good dose of trash-talking, and fire ground fitness training.

V. The juniors crew schooling every else within 10 minutes of the sweat starting. Naturally, these young bloods grabbed the Hoss and the Fiend while the rest of us started out with the Auger. These guys are training to be the firefighters of the future.