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To train you for what really happens out there. 

featured: The Hoss (FDNY)

The F.D.N.Y. Fire Academy uses this 20 lb. deuce for candidate unit fitness training.

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Certify your instructors or peer trainers to run powerful STEELHOSE Circuits. 

Steelhose stories 

With focus on firefighter sports science, our Chief Trainer shares comments and stories.

Revolutionizing fitness in the fire service & beyond.

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Beyond the four walls of your living room or the gym or the firehouse. In your life, every day. We design equipment and training programs to prepare you for what really happens out there.


the firefighter Fitness system. 


The Steelhose is the most versatile fitness system on the market. Our simple design uses double-jacketed nylon-rubber and a specialized steel filler designed to mimic fire hose charged with water at high pressure. 

Train Steelhose Circuits for skill specific workouts, or optimize your own High Intensity Intervals, Plyometrics, Weight Sessions, or favorite Group Ex class. 

Our clients include Training Academies, Fire Departments, Gyms, Boxes, and Boot Camps in 12 states across the US.

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